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Envision a Green Future

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Envision Green Hemp CBD tincture 1000mg full spectrum peppermint flavor. Helps reduce stress, improve sleeping and live a happier life. Locally grown in Wilmington NC, Ocean Isle NC.


A picture of our Peppermint tincture displayed on a succulant. You can purcchace this cbd tincture oil on our store.


Tinctures are solutions of concentrated plant extracts, that are used to absorb nutrients from the desired flora, through a quick and easy delivery method. All of our tinctures are formulated from high quality hemp-derived CBD, to insure an effective product with an inviting taste! With just a few drops of our tinctures under your tongue, you’ll be ready to take on the world!​


Salves are ointments used to soothe the irritated and sensitive areas of the body. People have been using salves to heal for thousands of years. Our team mixes high quality hemp-derived CBD, with other floral accents and herbs, to produce high quality products that soothe!

CBD Salve Lavender Product. Help reduce inflamation, stress, and great for pain management. Our CBD is locally grown in Wilmington NC, Ocean Isle NC. Lavender scented


Our products are crafted for those who take human optimization seriously! We believe nature can produce some pretty incredible things, so enjoy the bounty!"



Energy efficient farming operations

Reduce agricultural runoff and save water

Prevent pollution of rivers, oceans, and lakes

Naturally maintain soil fertility by recycling nutrients

Create natural habitat environmentally beneficial insects

Decrease emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants

Enhancing carbon sequestration by soils and perennial vegetation


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